„Catch up SketchUp“ – ir pirmā Baltijas SketchUp konference, kas norisināsies tīmekļa vidē, divu dienu garumā. Šī gada tēma – Interjera Dizains. Varēsi noskatīties lekcijas no labākajiem SketchUp lietotājiem un piedalīties 3D modelēšanas un vizualizācijas darbnīcās,


Aleksandrs Belikovs

Founder of “Vulpes”.

Landscape architect, 3D instructor,

Certified Trimble SketchUp instructor

Meet Aleksandrs…

Landscape architect, who has found “SketchUp” 12 years ago when it was still existing “SketchUp 3”. For more than 18 years “SketchUp” has been the number one tool in the process of his projects. We could say that Aleksandrs knows the software very well because he was growing together with it. In 2010 he took an opportunity to write and publish his first book in latvian language about “SketchUp” and interior design.

Aleksandrs is a founder of  “Vulpes”. It is online and on site “SketchUp” authorized school in Latvia. It is common that he keeps in contact with almost 50 people and helps them to find best solutions daily. He is learning together with architects, landscape architects, interior and furniture designers. “Vulpes” has developed a library of 3D models: https://www.vulpes.lv/lv/komponenti and offers online training sessions in latvian or russian.


Aleksandrs is going to share his knowledge about the hygienics of 3D modelling using “Trimble SketchUp”. Tags, groups, components, scenes and even much more…The knowledge that could improve the workflow.

Aristodimos Komninos

Trimble Inc.,

Landscape architect, 3D instructor,

Certifies Trimble SketchUp instructor

Meet Aristodimos…


Aris is a spring of talent and dynamic work experience. If we would try to describe him in two words, it could be called – “Man orchestra”. Architect-engineer, urban designer who was having experience in his homeland Greece, North Amerika, India and Great Britain.

Three years ago Aris joined one of the main “Trimble SketchUp” team offices in London, Great Britain. Aris knows the software like the back of his hand and is helping to find best solutions with big companies.


This time Aris is going to tell us about “Trimble Connect”. To familiarize with these questions: how to save 3D models, how to save versions, how to share files of 3D models with colleagues or partners.

Don’t lose the chance and prepare questions. In the end of the lecture there will be a possibility to give questions.

Baiba Ruke ir Ligita Brege

SIA „br.ook interior architecture“,

Studio of interior architecture

Meet br.ook…


br.ook interior architecture is a design team specializing in high-quality interior architecture and design services for residential and commercial projects. The lead designer duo, Baiba Ruke and Ligita Brege, represent the new generation of talented creative specialists.

SketchUp was introduced at universities to create 3d models for products, furniture, and interior.

Now we use it daily as an essential part of interior design projects along with Vray and Photoshop. Every project is unique and we continuously develop our skills.


We will discuss three various projects: 

    1. Library and recreation room for kids. Skriveri. AREA / 84 m2.


“Creating friendly atmosphere and functionality with contemporary design solutions. 3D process: custom-made furniture modeling, comparison between render, and actual project result.”

    1.  COM experimental bar. Riga. AREA / 300 m2

“Design concept and materials. Creating and choosing interesting, atmospheric, and appropriate materials for an experimental public space.

Integrating actual chosen materials and textures in the model, so the model would be visually acceptable to the client or applicable also as SketchUp screenshots without rendering.”

    1. Hotel design. Jurmala. AREA /  1200 m2

“Luxury design: a lot of reflective materials, stones, metals, and light for better atmosphere and sense.

Division of a large-scale project into several files (models) for faster workflow. Managing layers, exporting/importing render scenes to save time.

The importance of post-production – Photoshop.”

Phrase about itself: “Weirdly the stand-up comedy is the common thing that uplifts us daily!“

Imantas Maciukevičius


Founder and technical director,

Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, Unity3D

certified instructor and specialist

Imantas was curious about 3D modelling and animation software starting already his childhood and he was enjoying the time in explorations. Despite this he couldn’t imagine becoming a professional, certificated instructor “Autodesk”, “Unity3D” and other software and the only one licensed “V-Ray” instructor in Baltic states. Imantas is certified as “V-Ray Licenses Instructor” and “V-Ray Certified Professional”. Moreover, Imantas is a founder of the Authorized Training center of “Autodesk”, “Chaos Group”, “SketchUp Pro” – STUDIO KIBITZ. In the authorized center everyone that can’t imagine projects without “SketchUp Pro” can find solutions for them.

Imantas became familiar with “SketchUp Pro” almost 8 years ago. He is claiming that despite its kinks/limitations, SketchUp Pro is suitable for beginner, professional, and creator of simple images and photorealistic 3D visualisations. “Trimble” team is presenting great yearly updates.



Lecture topic: „Craft Your Interior textures with „Substance Designer“ and „Substance Painter“ (trukmė: 0:50 val.)

Explore the integration of Substance Designer—a powerful tool for creating textures for interior, visualization projects, and architecture—with V-Ray for SketchUp. This workshop provides a solid foundation of the principles of texture creation in Substance Designer and Substance Painter for use in SketchUp and V-Ray for SketchUp. The instructor explains how to import a model into Substance Designer and bake various maps. Imantas discusses the advantages of procedural texture creation. He shows how to create both image file output and substances which can be used and modified directly in the SketchUp and V-Ray for SketchUp for rendering projects.

Workshop topic: “„Best practices for getting the most out of „V-Ray for SketchUp“ in interior architecture“ (trukmė: 1.30 val.)”

Explore the integration of Substance Designer—a powerful tool for creating textures for interior, visualization projects, and architecture—with V-Ray for SketchUp. This workshop provides a solid foundation of the principles of texture creation in Substance Designer and Substance Painter for use in SketchUp and V-Ray for SketchUp. The instructor explains how to import a model into Substance Designer and bake various maps. Imantas discusses the advantages of procedural texture creation. He shows how to create both image file output and substances which can be used and modified directly in the SketchUp and V-Ray for SketchUp for rendering projects.

The phrase about itself: “The work of Imantas is as unorganized, as “SketchUp” workflow without components is.”

Inga Abola

IK “Baltic interior”,

Interior designer and founder of the studio,

Certified Trimble SketchUp instructor and specialist

Meet Inga…


Interior designer, who was curious about interior and started to design them 18years ago. Four years later she founded interior studio IK “Baltic interior”. She is also giving “Trimble SketchUp” specialized training for adults. Besides using the software in her work practice, she is able to share her success story and knowledge on how to adapt the software in the process of interior design project.


Inga is going to tell about her experience with “Trimble SketchUp”, share some examples and give some advice dedicated for interior architects.

Don’t lose the chance to give questions in the end of presentation.

Jānis Mežulis


Leading specialist in furniture design, 

Architect, furniture design

Meet Jānis…

Certified architect and designer, leading specialist in SIA “Kate”, in the section of office furniture. Jānis has collected the experience in architectural and furniture projects of more than 20 years. He is working on furniture projects and together with a team creating 3D models of furnitures that are uploaded to the library of 3D models. Here everyone is able to download 3D models without charge.


Jānis is also not limiting his activities and is also taking a role of teacher in universities of Latvia. He is an author of a number of professional publications.


Jānis is going to share his experience about “Trimble SketchUp” and how was born the idea to create 3D models of SIA “Kate” furniture and upload to 3D Warehouse library. What king of challenges they were facing.

„Iscar Software de Arquitectura“,

international Channel manager,

Certified instructor of „Trimble SketchUp“, „Artlantis“,

techninio support  of „SketchUp“, „Artlantis“, „V-Ray“ ir „Dibac for SketchUp“.

Meet Juan…

This person is one of those who found himself in other fields after getting his diploma. Juan is the representative of “Trimble SketchUp”, “Artlantis”, “V-Ray” and “Dibac for SketchUp” in the company, named “Iscar Software de Arquitectura”, based in Madrid, Spain. 

Juan has 8 years of experience in the field of software, is giving technica support for end-customers in Spain and is representative of “Dibac for SketchUp” in all the world.

“Iscar Software de Arquitectura” is the developer and distributor of “Dibac for SketchUp”. Juan is one of the team member of developing team, so he is very familiar with the extension.


Juan is going to represent extension of “SketchUp Pro” – “Dibac for SketchUp”: 2D plan drafting by using parametric objects, fast dimensioning in “SketchUp” and automatic 3D extrude out of 2D plan, made with extension.

Kārlis Bruņenieks

SIA “GeoNovus”,

“certified instructor of “SketchUp”, V-Ray”, “Autodesk AutoCAD”,,

graphic designer of architecture, illustrator

Meet Karlis…


Humanist, teacher and illustrator – generator of ideas and visualisations.

Karlis has more than ten years experience of architecture illustration and graphic design. He is sharing his knowledge with a big variety of specialists, and is leading specialized courses. He organizes and attends various workshops, leads seminars, related with 3D design and 3D visualizations. Certified instructor of “SketchUp”, “V-Ray” and “AutoCAD”.

Karlis is one of our UAB “GeoNovus” team members – partner in Latvia.

In his free time he is taking pictures with the drone. At the moment he is driven by his project “Medieval Riga”.



During the conference Karlis will lead you with a lecture and the workshop. 


During the lecture he will share some examples and some creative techniques for interior design project creation with SketchUp Pro:


– how to properly manage SketchUp Models with Tags and Outliner;

– how to create color accurate designs, make your own tiling textures and material libraries.

– how to use watermarks for better design presentation;

– must have plugins for interior designers.

During the workshop “LayOut Workshop from 3D to 2D” he will develop these topics:

– how to set up your “SketchUp” model for design documentation and presentation creation in LayOut; 

– dynamic Component Workshop;

– how to add simple animation features to your SketchUp components to create more compelling design presentations.

Vitali Valtanen

„AruCAD Süsteemid OÜ“,

certified instructor and specialist, 

architect and interior designer

Meet Vitali…

Vitali Valtanen has been a software trainer since 2011 and has trained more than 500 people by now. Vitali has acquired Revit, AutoCAD and 3ds Max Autodesk Certified Professional status. After completing the Autodesk andragogy course, Vitali also acquired the status of an Autodesk certified instructor, currently at the second level – silver (over 3 years). Vitali has 6 years of work experience as an architect / interior architect and 1 year experience in BIM establishment at the modular house factory. Currently obtaining a master’s degree in product and industrial design from the Estonian Academy of Arts, where he has been also a visiting lecturer for two years and teaches the subject “Professional Computer Studies”.


Vitali is going to tell us about “Lumion” structure and advantages. He will represent how to create visualisations and animations for interior design. 

Paulina Lisevičiūtė

UAB “GeoNovus”,

“Trimble SketchUp“ certified instructor,

the responsible distributor in Baltic states,


Architect, architecture photographer

Meet Paulina…


Paulina is one of the team members of SketchUp Baltic team. She was trained as an architect in Vilnius Gediminas technical university, took a chance for international architecture internship experience in Germany and Spain. Later on, she has found herself as an enthusiast of architectural software and architectural photography. All of a sudden, she has met the Trimble SketchUp team of Baltic states in Lithuania and became a part of it. Today she is a part of Trimble SketchUp distributor of Baltic states. She has knowledge of „SketchUp Pro“, „AutoCad“, „Archicad“ ir „Adobe“ software.



Paulina is going to familiarize “Trimble SketchUp” users with new licencing policies, SketchUp ecosystem that will help with organisation and collaboration with other designers. Will introduce pricing and possibilities.

Paulina: “One hundred multitaskers in one”.


Pirmā diena (10. septembris)

Uzruna. SketchUp ekosistēmas apskats

by Paulina Lisevičiūtė (GeoNovus, UAB)


Interjera dizaina projektu veidošanas darba gaita – no 2D uz 3D

by Aleksandrs Belikovs (Vulpes, SIA)


SketchUp Tips & Tricks interjera projektu veidošanai

by Karlis Brunenieks (GeoNovus, SIA)




Atrāka 2D plānu un 3D modeļu veidošana ar Dibac for SketchUp

by Juan Ibargüen (Iscar Software de Arquitectura S.L)


Sadarbības platforma. „Trimble Connect“ interjera arhitektiem;

by Aristodimos Komninos. SketchUp Customer Success Manager for UK and Europe


Pieredzes stāsts I – Baltic Interior

by Speaker: Interior designer Inga Ābola


Pieredzes stāsts II – br.ook interior architecture

by Brook Interior


Nobeiguma runa

by Paulina Lisevičiūtė (GeoNovus, UAB)


Otrā diena (11. septembris)

LayOut: no 3D uz 2D rasējumu veidošanu. Dinamisko komponentu veidošana

by Karlis Brunenieks (GeoNovus, SIA)



Labākā prakse darbā ar V-ray for SketchUp, interjera projektu vizualizācijā

by Imantas Maciukevičius (STUDIO KIBITZ)





SketchUp: licencēšana un gaidāmās izmaiņas

by Paulina Lisevičiūtė (GeoNovus, UAB)


3D modeļu bibliotēkas



Radi labākas tekstūras ar „Substance Designer“ un „Substance Painter”

by Imantas Maciukevičius (STUDIO KIBITZ)


Lumion for SketchUp. Interjera projektu animācijas renderēšana.

by Vitali Valtanen (Arucad Team)



by Paulina Lisevičiūtė (GeoNovus, UAB)


(biļešu tirgošana noslēgusies)


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