Aleksandrs Belikovs

Aleksandrs Belikovs

Founder of “Vulpes”.

Landscape architect, 3D instructor,

Certified Trimble SketchUp instructor

Meet Aleksandrs…

Landscape architect, who has found “SketchUp” 12 years ago when it was still existing “SketchUp 3”. For more than 18 years “SketchUp” has been the number one tool in the process of his projects. We could say that Aleksandrs knows the software very well because he was growing together with it. In 2010 he took an opportunity to write and publish his first book in latvian language about “SketchUp” and interior design.

Aleksandrs is a founder of  “Vulpes”. It is online and on site “SketchUp” authorized school in Latvia. It is common that he keeps in contact with almost 50 people and helps them to find best solutions daily. He is learning together with architects, landscape architects, interior and furniture designers. “Vulpes” has developed a library of 3D models: and offers online training sessions in latvian or russian.

Aleksandrs is going to share his knowledge about the hygienics of 3D modelling using “Trimble SketchUp”. Tags, groups, components, scenes and even much more…The knowledge that could improve the workflow.

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