Br.ook interior

Baiba Ruke ir Ligita Brege

SIA „br.ook interior architecture“,

Studio of interior architecture

Meet br.ook…


br.ook interior architecture is a design team specializing in high-quality interior architecture and design services for residential and commercial projects. The lead designer duo, Baiba Ruke and Ligita Brege, represent the new generation of talented creative specialists.

SketchUp was introduced at universities to create 3d models for products, furniture, and interior.

Now we use it daily as an essential part of interior design projects along with Vray and Photoshop. Every project is unique and we continuously develop our skills.

We will discuss three various projects: 

    1. Library and recreation room for kids. Skriveri. AREA / 84 m2.


“Creating friendly atmosphere and functionality with contemporary design solutions. 3D process: custom-made furniture modeling, comparison between render, and actual project result.”

    1.  COM experimental bar. Riga. AREA / 300 m2

“Design concept and materials. Creating and choosing interesting, atmospheric, and appropriate materials for an experimental public space.

Integrating actual chosen materials and textures in the model, so the model would be visually acceptable to the client or applicable also as SketchUp screenshots without rendering.”

    1. Hotel design. Jurmala. AREA /  1200 m2

“Luxury design: a lot of reflective materials, stones, metals, and light for better atmosphere and sense.

Division of a large-scale project into several files (models) for faster workflow. Managing layers, exporting/importing render scenes to save time.

The importance of post-production – Photoshop.”

Phrase about itself: “Weirdly the stand-up comedy is the common thing that uplifts us daily!“

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